Label56 planned for a long time to publish an online radio show, and has uploaded the first episode this week. You can listen to it in a Popup Player here or directly on their website
You can also subscribe to their podcast with iTunes.

This is the very first episode of the Label 56 Indie Radio Show. The show opens with a song from Will To Survive- the Label 56 pick of the week. Then some discussion about the latest goings on in our music scene including the new releases from Bombs Away and Spirit of the Patriot as well as the excellent new release from Moshpit.

The Greek music scene is discussed which includes talk about our upcoming interview with Kostas who writes for the Terra Patria music blog as well as his musical projects. Their music scene is then highlighted with a 3 song music block.

Afterwards the show is closed out simply enough with some really good music…

Track List:
01. Will To Survive – Our Lives
02. Moshpit – We Carry The Heart
03. Bombs Away – $6
04. Spirit Of The Patriot – NWO
05. Straightline – Walking The Straightline
06. Pride & Pain – Στο Κάλεσμα Τους (In Their Call)
07. Filopatria – Molon Lave
08. Black September – Lord`s Beauty
09. Pure Hate – Stay Alive
10. Tribute To Totenkopf: Choc Frontal- Football song
11. Empire Falls – The Time Is Now
12. Xenophobe- Xenophobe (Demo Version)
13. Still Burnin Youth – Diritto Allo Schiavismo
14. Njord – For Alltid Patriot

(Source: Label56)

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